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There are many issues affecting Perry County. Now is the time for us to act on them and find the necessary resolutions, which are needed, in order to make Perry County an example of action for the rest of Pennsylvania. 

Click on the issues below to see my stance and my plan to get things done!

We also want to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out to the campaign to share your concerns about issues affecting Perry County by visiting the "Contact" page. 

Thank you!


Education in Perry County is paramount. It is important that we are providing our children with the best educational opportunities possible.

Student Safety

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance. Over the past couple years we have seen terror sweep across the nation and even hit a little too close to home. It is important to ensure that our children are protected and safe while they are obtaining a quality education. We will work together to ensure that children across the county are safe and protected! 


After all that Veterans have done for the rest of us, we must now take care of them. Making sure that the necessary services are available to them as well as receiving the proper care matters greatly. I want to ensure that all veterans in Perry County are taken care of.

Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis is something that is affecting our county immensely. We have been unfortunate to see many of our own, die from drug abuse and leave behind loved ones who, to this day, still suffer for those whom they have lost. 

Economic Development

Our County needs economic development opportunities which means increased revenue and lower taxes. Now is the time to get this done for the citizens of Perry County.

Historic Preservation

Our County deserves to have its history preserved. We need to ensure that our county has the necessary tools made available to each municipality so, they can preserve the most precious parts of what makes them so great.

Working with Municipalities

The only way to move forward is to do it together. By working with each municipality to find opportunities for growth and where issues may need to be resolved in an efficient and effective manner.


I feel that agriculture not only plays a big part in our nation and our state but, also in our county and for our livelihood. I want to work with farmers to ensure that they have the resources available to them in order to survive and thrive through the coming years. 

Committee to Elect Robert Nulton
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