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Agriculture is so vital to our county and its future. Farmers are having trouble surviving throughout Pennsylvania and we cannot allow our farms in Perry County to fall to the same issues. We must fight for them and help them get a hold of the resources and tools that they need to grow and have success on into the future. 

Having had the privilege to have worked a farm, I have seen some of the "behind the scenes" operations and am aware of what it takes for our farmers to make it in this economy. They need our support and they need our help. We must act if we are going to make sure that our farms survive the coming years. Times will get tough but, we must be prepared for times ahead and farmers are always thinking many steps ahead. That is how they make it through each and every year. 

I look forward to reaching out and visiting farms in order to see what help is needed from our county leaders and what more we can do to make a difference that will last a lifetime!

Committee to Elect Robert Nulton
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