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Economic Development

Perry County has many opportunities to grow its revenue base without over-taxing the citizens. We have to look for those opportunities now. We cannot continue to place the burden upon our citizens any longer. We must look to the future and see what can be done to ensure that the burden is taken from off of their shoulders, ensuring that the people of Perry County can afford to live and enjoy their lives. 

Home ownership is so important and we need to create opportunities that will lead people to this decision and be able to afford to do so without feeling as if they are unable to live in a home in Perry County due to the tax burden they are faced with. We need to be inviting to opportunities that will add to the county and build it up, without taking away from the agricultural development that we have sustained for many years. 

If we can increase our revenue base by using these opportunities, instead of taxes, we can in turn be able to provide businesses and farms with the ability to receive funding to assist in their own growth in Perry County.

It is time that we help the citizens of Perry County get to a place where they feel less of a burden to live here and feel a greater sense of pride because of the work we are doing to help them. That is what I will do from day one!

Committee to Elect Robert Nulton
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