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Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis is not something that should continue. It is important to move toward an end to this crisis in Perry County. I plan on working closely with the District Attorney's Office, as well as the Sheriff's Office, to see what can be done to push this crisis out of Perry County once and for all.

Our Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office are doing the best they can with the tools and funding they are provided but, it is not enough. We must help them to have all the tools that are necessary to combat this problem before it gets worse. We must find ways to help our Sheriff's Department and District Attorney get funding for their respective departments to ensure that they are fully staffed and able to provide the county with the full force of the law that their offices can give. 

I believe this is possible. The questions is not if this can be done but, how can this be done. We must be researching and looking for the ways to make it happen. For something to be done, this means actions have to take place and as your next Commissioner, action is what you will get. We will give this county all that it deserves and that must start now!

Committee to Elect Robert Nulton
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