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Working with Municipalities

Robert with Landisburg Borough Councilman and Landisburg Sewer Plant Operator,

Kenneth Morrison at the Landisburg Sewer Plant.


Municipalities need our help. Many are suffering due to lack of funding to be able to complete much needed projects. Without the completion of these projects, it could mean long term financial hardships for many living in those municipalities. As a Current Landisburg Borough Councilman, Robert has seen these issues firsthand and continues to work toward finding the solutions to ensure that the people get the help that they deserve. 

This is why it is so crucial to have leaders who will act and do more than just hold meetings. We need elected officials who will be where the help is needed and are willing to put in the work. Robert will be that "Public Servant" that the people need and deserve to have at this time. He will make sure that all is done the way it has to be, to ensure that the people and those they elected to serve them, have the funding and tools to take care of their towns. 

Committee to Elect Robert Nulton
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