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Meet Robert Nulton,

Candidate for Perry County Commissioner


Local Small Business Owner

Robert is a small business owner in Perry County, being the owner of Nulton Express Solutions, LLC, a small business marketing and consulting firm. As a small business owner, Robert understands the work it takes to keep a business running and to be successful. Robert also knows the struggles that businesses have to go through and the fight that they have to put up in order to stay in business with all of the governmental regulations that have been imposed upon them. Robert's desire is to take that knowledge and experience to help fight for small businesses in Perry County to ensure that the economical environment shows greater growth and prosperity for those who desire to do business within Perry County's borders. 

Robert is also a licensed and practicing Realtor who has helped countless individuals to find affordable homes wherein they can enjoy their lives but, with this experience Robert has seen the over-regulation placed upon people through Property Taxes and the hardships many have been faced with. Many are losing their homes due to the inability to afford their homes over the long term due to high property taxes. The people of Perry County deserve to own their home without the threat of losing it due to over-taxation on their property. Robert believes that if you purchase the property, it should be yours, not the government's. Robert is dedicated to fighting for the citizens of this great county to ensure that not only small business owners have an advocate but, all of the citizens of Perry County as well.


Family Man

Robert and his wife, Rebecca, of 10 years have 4 young boys who are their heart and soul. Robert and his family enjoy spending as much time together as possible whether it be enjoying the peaceful places found around Perry County, at parks, on hikes, going on vacations (when time allows) and attending events held at different municipalities throughout Perry County. Robert is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, where he, his wife and four children all attend each Sunday in New Bloomfield. 

Robert has a firm belief that the key to making the county greater than it ever has been before lies with the ability to be able to help families succeed. Robert believes that true success begins in the home and Robert wants to see to it that families are enabled with the tools to educate their children on how to have the greatest success possible. Robert is dedicated to the citizens of Perry County and will work to see them succeed.



Robert is a 2005 Graduate of West Perry Senior High School. After graduating High School, Robert left to serve a mission for his church for two years from April of 2006 to April of 2008 in Mexico City, Mexico. While there, Robert learned much about the world and the issues it is facing internationally and with that he has come to understand the importance of understanding culture and protecting one's nation from threats which could possibly happen. This was perhaps one of the best, natural education opportunities Robert was able to experience. 

Upon his return in April of 2008, Robert began attending college in October of 2008 and subsequently graduated in December of 2012 from the University of Phoenix, located in Phoenix, Arizona with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and a Minor in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Robert is looking to become a graduate of George Washington University, located in Washington D.C., with a Masters Degree in Political Management in the beginning of 2019. 

Due to his educational background, Robert believes in a ensuring that all of Perry County's students are receiving the best education possible. Robert is determined to work with the 4 school districts within the county to see what can be done to increase the educational experience of our children as well as their safety while they are attending our schools. 



Robert has been a small business owner since 2014 as well as a Realtor since the same time. Prior to being a small business owner, Robert helped manage mid-level companies throughout Pennsylvania, growing their business and company funds. Working with budgets, well into the Millions, Robert is prepared to help Perry County get through economical issues that are facing Perry County at this time.

Robert's experience with managing mid-level companies along with his small business experience not only make him poised to be able to effectively put Perry County on top but, work side by side with the citizens of Perry County as a servant of the People. Robert will use his experience and knowledge to make Perry County the example for all of Pennsylvania.


Political Experience

Robert's Political Experience began in 2010 when he announced his candidacy for Perry County Commissioner, running in the 2011 County Election. Out of 12 total candidates, Robert ended in the middle of all the candidates running. While he did not win, Robert realized that it was not his time but, his desire to serve would not be hindered by his first political loss. Robert served for some time as the Judge of Elections for the Newport 2nd District, where he got to know the citizens of the borough and their desire for having the right people represent them in office. 

Years later, Robert would go on to be elected as a Councilman in Landisburg Borough in 2017, beginning his service in January of 2018. Since that time, Robert has dealt with approving a balanced budget that benefits the borough and its citizens, passing ordinances that protect and help the borough to live a healthier and safer life as well as holding events that allow the citizens to get to know each other, their elected officials and uniting each other to build up the borough in its effort to create more opportunities for all who live within the borough and its surrounding borders.

Now, Robert is looking for your support in 2019 as he runs for Perry County Commissioner so that all of its citizens can have the ability to live a better life!



  • 2004 Eagle Scout Award Recipient - Boy Scouts of America
  • 2011 Business Professional of the Year Award - Cambridge Who's Who
  • 2017 Commissioner's Key Service Award Recipient - Boy Scouts of America
  • 2017 Arrowhead Service Award Recipient - Boy Scouts of America



  • National Rifle Association "NRA" Member
  • National Association of Realtors Member
  • Pennsylvania Association of Realtors Member
  • Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors Member
  • Perry County Republican Committee Member
  • Perry County Chamber of Commerce Member
  • Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) Member 


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