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Robert Nulton Official Announcement for County Commissioner

Citizens of Perry County:


It is with great humility that I announce my candidacy for Perry County Commissioner. I believe that we have proven ourselves to be a great example to others around the Commonwealth and we still have many areas where we can continue to shine and prove that if it can be done in Perry County then, it can be done in Pennsylvania!

I believe in a bright future for Perry County and all of its citizens. I believe that we have a great opportunity before us to make a difference that will put us out in the forefront, proving that a Government "For the People, Of the People and By the People" works and still exists. 

I believe that now is the time for action and not just words. The only way that action occurs is when we get up and do something about the issues that stand before us. School Safety, education, the Opioid Crisis, jobs and economic development are just some that we need to address. 

But this cannot be done without some very important people. To make things work in Perry County...We Need You! You are the key to Perry County's success and future development. I believe in Perry County, I believe in you and in 2019 I believe in the People's ability to make the right decisions and I am hoping you will believe in me, to make the right decisions on your behalf and make sure that Perry County can be self sustaining and can contribute where necessary while being able to help bring relief to taxpayers all across Perry County.

I look forward to your support, hearing your voice and getting your vote in 2019!

Thank you!


Robert Nulton
Candidate for Perry County Commissioner

Committee to Elect Robert Nulton
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